Printing Pedigree Charts

Created: May 15, 2018    |    Updated: Mar 09, 2020   |   Reports

How do I print a dog's pedigree report?

Our dog pedigree charts are designed to be printer friendly for between 3 and 5 generations. Printing more than 5 generations presents problems simply because there are more dog names than available space on a single sheet of paper. To get the best results, it's advised that you pull up a 5 generation pedigree chart of the dog's pedigree you are trying to print.

For our printing example, we'll use the Dalmation Caprilli's De Dolce Vita. When viewing the pedigree, you'll see that it's complete and there are no blank spots or holes in the pedigree out to 5 generations, which makes for better printing results. In order to print the pedigree, you simply need to click the printer icon on the top right of the pedigree, or select the print option from the file menu in your web browser. You should also switch your printer to landscape mode instead of portrait mode so that pedigree chart fits best on the page.

How do I print a dog pedigree certificate?

In addition to our standard printable format, we also offer free printable pedigree certificates for every dog in the database. The printable certificates will look a bit more official than just a normal printed pedigree report and can be created for free. Using the above dog as an example, you can see what Caprilli's de Dolce Vita's Printable Certificate will look like instead of the standard print format.

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