Dog Pedigree and Bloodline Reports

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We currently offer pedigree, progeny, siblings, linebreeding, and hypothetical mating reports. Below is a basic breakdown of what each report contains:

Pedigree Report

A pedigree is a diagram or chart that describes a dog's ancestors in an easy-to-read format. Pedigree reports are essential for dog breeding so you can more easily trace various traits throughout a dog's bloodline. The sire (father) is shown with a blue background and the dam (mother) is shown with a red background. Our pedigree report allows you to view pedigrees between 3 and 9 generations.

Offspring Report

An offspring report lists all of a dog's children. To get more fine-grained, our siblings report allows you to filter out the results by coat, color or sex.

Siblings Report

The siblings report lists a dog's brothers and sisters. Our report allows you to filter out by the sibling type: full, indirect full, three-quarters, half, and same sire. Full siblings describe two dogs that share the same sire and dam. Indirect full siblings are two dogs that share all four of the same grand sires and grand dams, but do not share the same sire and dam. Three-quarter siblings are dogs that share three of four grandparents. Half siblings describe dogs that share two of the same four grandparents, but not the same sire. And lastly, you can view siblings of the same sire.

Linebreeding Report

The linebreeding report analyzes a pedigree out to 9 generations showing inbreeding stats for all inbred ancestors.

Hypothetical Mating Report

Hypothetical mating reports can be used to view the pedigree of a planned mating. 

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