What kind of reports can I access with a custom database?

Created: Sep 12, 2018    |    Updated: Apr 28, 2020   |   Custom Pedigree Software

With our custom pedigree softare you will have access to all types of reports. The list below is an overview of all our reports:

  • Pedigree - We allow up to 9-generation pedigrees. The pedigree report also has a filter that allows you or your users to highlight different duplicates/inbred ancestors. We currently allow highlights for inbreds (default), all duplicates, only cross duplicates, or no highlight.
  • Offspring - Our offspring report very simply lists all offspring for an animal. You have the ability to filter the results by color and sex.
  • Siblings - The siblings report
  • Linebreeding - The linebreeding report is a great way to calculate the coefficient of inbreeding for up to 14 generations. The linebreeding report also shows where the various inbred ancestors appear in the pedigree, how many times they appear in the pedigree, and other various important stats. You can read more information about the linebreeding report in our knowledgebase.
  • Hypothetical Mating - The hypomating report is a great way for breeders to see what your animal's reports would look like if two animals were to mate. The hypothetical mating does not save any animals in the database and prevents littering your database with fake animals.

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