How does your custom database pricing structure work?

Created: Sep 12, 2018    |    Updated: Jun 15, 2020   |   Custom Pedigree Software

We understand everyone has different needs for their custom database, so we offer flexible pricing options to best fit your needs. Our pricing is broken down into three categories:

  • Records - This controls how many animals you can have in your custom database. We offer two tiers of records: 5,000 records and 15,000 records.
  • Admin Accounts - Administrator accounts have full reign over your database. Administrators can manage the custom database settings, manage your member accounts, and have access to back-end reports and tools. Our two pricing tiers allow the following number of admin accounts: 1 administrator and 5 administrators.
  • Member Accounts - Member accounts can be used by admins for restricting various features in your database. Want to allow only registered members to edit animals? You can lock down the add/edit page to members. Want to allow only registered members to view animal reports? You can do that too. Our Member Accounts tier allows your members to register for the database. We offer two tiers: 5 members and 100 members.

For a complete breakdown of the various tiers and the cost of each, please see our Pedigree Software information page.

Please contact us if you need more than the limits listed above.

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