How do I share my pedigree on Facebook, Twitter and other social media?

Created: Feb 26, 2019    |    Updated: Jan 14, 2021   |   Tools and Features

Once you have set up your animal's pedigree in our database, you can easily share it accross several social media websites as well as email.

Bring up the pedigree of the animal you would like to share.

Click the Share button in the options bar above the pedigree.

Share Report Selection Menu

Choose from one of the available ways to share the pedigree link.

  • Copy Pedigree Report Link - This will Copy the web link URL to your clipboard, where you can then Paste it anywhere you wish.
  • Embed Pedigree on a Website - This tool allows you to generate and copy HTML code to place on a website that you manage. More information can be found at: How to Include a Pedigree on your Website.
  • Print Pedigree Certificate - This allows you to view, download or print a nicely formatted unofficial certificate of your animal's pedigree.
  • Share on (Social Media Site) - This will launch a new screen, where you can log in to that social media account, and post the link to your profile.
  • Share via Email - This will create a new message in your default email program on your computer or device, where you can then modify the message and send to whomever you wish.

Share Report on Facebook

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